You’ve heard us talk ad nauseam about the Marvel movies. You can go back through all our old Marvel episodes (most of which can be found HERE) to hear our deep thoughts about each of the movies, characters, and storylines. We are WELL versed in the ways of the Avengers, but our very good friend Rachel is not. So finally, while stuck at home during quarantine, she set a goal to watch all of them!

Today’s episode is more of a conversation around the Avengers movies than it is a deep dive into the themes and productions of them. We mostly just wanted to hear what Rachel thought about them all. Of course, we recap some of our faves, and even conflict a little about her faves. Mostly it’s just a fun way for us to be able to talk about the movies that have influenced us the most over the last 11 years, and re-experience them for the first time vicariously through Rachel!

What are your favorite Marvel movies? Let us know over on Twitter! Which movie are you watching on loop to comfort you through this weird time? The Marvel movies are proving to be just right. They’re fun and over the top, but also pack an emotional punch that for the most part is pretty easy to take on the chin. Stay safe out there everyone, and join us for today’s Marvel-fueled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!