The OG Penny Dreadful was one of our favorite shows of the last decade, and probably all time! So naturally, we were excited when we heard John Logan himself was revisiting the universe with Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Now set in 1930’s Los Angeles, City of Angels definitely has a similar feeling as it’s Victorian England counterpart, but the vibe is about as different as it could be. Our entry point is Tiago Vega who was saved from burning to death as a child by Santa Muerte, though he doesn’t believe in her as an adult. He’s a newly minted LA detective working with an excellent cast and a reigned-in Nathan Lane to solve a series of murders fashioned after Santa Muerte. Along the way we meet Natalie Dormer in many guises as Magda, Santa Muerte’s more sinister counterpart, Elsa a German mother who flirts with a Nazi doctor and Alex, a councilman’s assistant; all of whom are sowing the seeds of discord though a racially divided LA. The premier wasn’t overly plot heavy but it did lay a ton of groundwork for the series to come and we are both excited and cautious going forward!