We know. This seems like a reactionary episode to coincide with the announcement of the live action Hercules remake. But we swear, we’ve wanted to do this episode for a long time! Disney’s take on Hercules has always been a favorite of ours and we want to tell you why!

First off, you know we love an underdog. When Hercules released it came with little fanfare and fairly heavy criticism. And while it didn’t fail at the box office, it didn’t blow the roof off it. Compared to one of Disney’s big successes, Frozen, Hercules made over a billion dollars less. People didn’t understand the choice of gospel music with the Greek mythology; they thought the art looked cheap; and anyone who knew about the Herculean legend would pretty quickly figure out that Disney didn’t exactly stick to the script. Typical Disney tbh.

But we love it anyway. What do you think about Disney’s Hercules? And more importantly, who do you think they should cast in all the big roles? We go pretty deep on who we think should be in there but we want to know your ideas too. For now though, stay inside, stay safe even though states are “reopening”, and get ready for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!