You may not know this, but the idea for this podcast comes from our old Facebook interactions. Kristin would go to bed, and almost every morning there’d be a Facebook post for her from Wil that started “So I’m watching this show…” Whatever new show Wil started watching, he’d message Kristin about it on Facebook. Eventually it happened enough times that we decided, “Hey, let’s make this a podcast.” And while we don’t cover JUST TV shows, we are trying to incorporate them more and more.

So today’s episode is So…I’m Watching This Show at its roots. As we’ve been quarantining away from each other (mostly) and in different mental states, we’ve amassed kind of a pile of things we’ve been checking out alone. Now it’s time to play catch up.

Kristin has certainly taken the lead in getting back into long form narrative TV. Over the past few weeks she’s knocked out Little Fires Everywhere, Killing Eve, and Netflix’s Outer Banks. On the shorter side Netflix’s I Am Not OK With This, and Never Have I Ever. And just to spice things up, she watched horror film The Lodge, and Netflix’s action flick Extraction.

Wil has taken a different approach and has been trying to keep up his late night routine. Colbert and Seth have been keeping him good company in quarantine. And for entertainment, Wendy William’s has been off the rails and we just can’t look away. And his big life saver has been Tik Tok. Sure it’s not a “show” but it’s easy to get lost in in these weird times. His big narrative contribution to today’s episode is Upload, from Amazon. It’s the Good Place, but made by the other guy who made Parks and Rec, Greg Daniels. And the funny thing is he had never seen the Good Place, and even had someone on staff telling him the things the Good Place had already done so Upload wasn’t copying. It’s neat!

So we’ve been busy outside of our normal episodes trying to keep sane. What are you guys watching to bring you comfort? Do you like revisiting old classics or taking in something new? Let us know over on Twitter! For now, grab your legal pad and start making a watchlist for today’s origin story of So…I’m Watching This Show!