Penny Dreadful: City of Angels is absolutely a slow burn of a show. We are enjoying it and it does feel like a spiritual cousin to the OG Penny Dreadful, but it’s also so vastly different that we’re having to adjust our expectations a little bit more than we were anticipating. There’s also something inherently harder to watch about all the racism towards Detective Vega, his family, and all the other Hispanic characters in this show. Additionally, despite the fact that Natalie Dormer is playing (so far) three different characters and we are being lead to believe they are all Magda in different guises, there’s very little magic so far to make this feel as supernatural as the original. We’re trying not to compare them too much since they are distinctly different animals, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that City of Angels picks up a bit more soon. The introduction of Sister Molly, played beautifully by Kerry Bishe, and her chemistry with Tiago lead us to believe we’ll be ramping up shortly!