Two Netflix episodes in a row, huh? Yeah, what about it?! Since we’re stuck indoors Netflix has been a bit of a savior for everyone. And now that we’re finding ourselves more emotionally ready for new content, Dead to Me seemed the perfect place to start! First, it’s about two strong women. Love that. Second, it’s half an hour. LOVE that. And third, it’s actually super funny, despite seeming like it leans more drama. LOVE THAT!

Wil had seen season 1 closer to when it released and has been bugging Kristin to watch it since. Now that they’re both caught up, Wil thinks season 2 is the best season of TV he’s seen in a long time. Perfect? No, but we really love these actresses, the characters they’re playing, and the relationships they share. There was definitely a sense of disappointment that (spoiler alert) Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini didn’t at least make out a little bit. But honestly we weren’t exactly expecting it. Just wishful thinking.

We had a few issues with how Dead to Me season 2 ended and are a little clueless about what might come next. But that didn’t stop us from loving all of it. OH! And by god James Marsden is a national treasure. Can’t forget about just how good he is in this. The moral of the story is if you aren’t watching this, you should be. If you’ve seen Dead to Me, let us know what you think over on Twitter! Until then though, WATCH THE SHOW BEFORE LISTENING to today’s SPOILER RICH episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!