Well that was a bit of an upturn! We’re not going full steam ahead yet, but episode three “Wicked Old World” was a lot more active, even as it continued it’s slow pace. The biggest thing we got was more of Tiago and Sister Molly, by far the best relationship on the show. Focusing on the two of them will be the key to making the show continue to be satisfying. Additionally, Nathan Lane has really been hitting it out of the park. His performance in this episode was so nuanced while also being undeniably Nathan Lane. We also got Natalie Dormer’s final character, Rio, the leader of a Mexican gang bent on standing up to the City Council and the new highway at least. Without too much trouble she and Rico manage to seduce Tiago’s youngest brother Mateo into the gang which will surely lead to tragedy. We’re excited to see where the story goes from here!