NOW we’re going full steam ahead on Penny Dreadful! Josefina and the Holy Spirit was a jam packed episode that finally started getting somewhere and we could not be more into it! So many things happened and they were all pretty great! First, Tiago went breaking and entering into Sister Molly’s beach house where he found a metric crapload of evidence that she was having an affair with Mr. Hazlett, but she puts him directly in his place before he can judge her. They also make peace towards the end of the episode which is lovely. Tiago also has a bit of a dust up with his family, namely Mateo who is only not my least favorite character this week because he fully murdered Officer Riley for horrifically molesting Josefina, among other crimes. Josefina herself finds solace, not with the family, but with Sister Molly at one of her services. Michener was on his own this week and hanging out with Brad Garret who hilariously works for Meyer Lansky. It’s a part of the plot that neither of us are super well versed on but we’re digging it regardless. The biggest news this week is that Peter and Elsa have finally consummated their strange dalliance and Councilman Townsend has been entrapped by Kurt, Alex, and Goss. They now have video evidence that he’s gay which will surely let them use him like a puppet for their Nazi plans. We’ve got all our appendages firmly crossed that the season continues in this direction!