The pandemic obviously hit the film industry incredibly hard. Fortunately, some of the movies which were set for release in the past few months have found new homes either on Amazon Cinema, or more traditional streaming platforms like Netflix. One such film is The Lovebirds. We were pretty highly anticipating this one because we love Kumail, love Issa Rae, and love a good rom com with a twist, a la Game Night. We got very excited when it was announced that The Lovebirds would hit Netflix sooner than later.

Unfortunately the movie never really gets off the ground. There are a handful of genuinely funny moments, and the chemistry between Kumail and Issa really carries the movie. But if you watch the trailer you get most of the gags. You even get a bonus joke since the “running in heels” bit from the trailer didn’t make the final cut somehow. The Lovebirds lacked the depth that we got out of Game Night (a movie we both independently compared it to while viewing). With just the two main characters getting any actual focus, the movie felt a bit empty. That said, it’s on Netflix and you won’t feel like it’s wasting your time while you watch it. As Wil says, it’s not remarkable, or unremarkable… just markable.

We also wanted to take a minute to chat about some music. First, Lady Gaga dropped a collab with Ariana Grande. Despite being only ‘whelmed’ by it initially, Wil fell in love a couple days later when the video released. It’s a 90s dance/pop jam more in line with what Gaga was doing early in her career and honestly we’re pretty here for it. What we are both MORE here for though is Carly Rae Jepsen’s Dedicated Side B album. It’s a collection of tracks written for Dedicated that presumably never made the final cut. What’s stunning is that almost all of these tracks are so good they easily could have been on the first release. Some tracks are even companion pieces to the OG songs. It’s great and if you need some new summer jams, Carly, as usual, has you covered.

Did you guys watch The Lovebirds? If so, let us know what you thought over on Twitter! We’re curious what the reception is going to be among our listeners. Also let us know how you’re feeling about Gaga and Carly. Or just send us new music you think we should be paying attention to! For now though, just get comfortable and enjoy our second to last pre-June break episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!