Love, Victor is the much-anticipated TV show followup to the 2018 film Love, Simon. Originally is was supposed to drop on Disney+, but they decided to move it to Hulu. There was a lot of debate around whether or not this was the right call and if they did it out of gay panic. However we tend to think Hulu is a good spot for it and we’re happy it at least wound up there and not in the garbage.

We weren’t sure how Love, Victor was going to connect to Simon. Turns out, pretty damn directly. Nick Robinson even reprises his role as Simon in one of the episodes. Love, Victor is about another teenage boy coming to terms with his sexuality in a similar way to Love, Simon. In Victor though, as is the nature of TV versus film, we get to spend a bit more time exploring the relationships he has. We also really get to know the families of some of his friends, which added a nice layer to the world building.

Overall, we did really like Love, Victor. The 30 minute form factor was nice, even if Kristin thinks it could have been a little longer. It was cute at times and knew when to be serious. Like it says in the title, we liked it. What it did best we think was set itself up for a season 2. The groundwork has been laid, and now we’d really love to spend some more time with these kids as they come into their own.

Did you watch Love, Victor? Let us know over on Twitter! We really want to hear what folks are saying about it! For now though, sit on back and enjoy our breakdown of Hulu’s Love, Victor on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!