Lady Gaga’s career has had its ups and downs just like anything else. But we’ve always been there for her. Not everything she’s done has worked out exactly how she thought, but the fact that she takes risks and tries new things makes her a vital part of music and pop culture today. Enter Chromatica.

Chromatica is her sixth studio album and HOLY MOLY do we love it! It has taken some time to grow on us and grow on us it has. She has completely transported us back into 90s dance pop a la Madonna or Paula Abdul and we are living for it. Some of the synth work even takes us back into the 80s. It’s a really interesting album and despite its sometimes heavy themes always manages to be an extremely fun listen.

So what do you think about Chromatica? Is it your cup of tea or are you a hard Joanne stan? Let us know over on Twitter! For now though, put on some cool shades and soak in the synth waves of today’s clip-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!