We generally aren’t the type of people to just put on any old action movie and have a good time. Watching all those direct to video Bruce Willis paycheck movies isn’t our thing. But if the characters are good and the story has more to say than just BOOM BLAM KAPOW then we’re in. Such is almost the case with Netflix’s new Charlize Theron-fronted graphic novel adaptation The Old Guard.

The story of The Old Guard is good. A small contingent of immortal mercenaries use their gifts to do good, until someone tries to replicate their power. Sounds pretty dope. And it wasn’t NOT dope, but it could have had a bit more to it. There’s not much more to the abilities than the regenerative qualities. No super strength or moving things with their minds. Just immortality and centuries of training. It did make for some good action, but it was a little flat.

We also mentioned that character is a big part of us liking an action movie. This one has characters we liked but we didn’t quite think we got enough time with them. Too much of Andy and Nile, not enough of the others. What The Old Guard does well though is set up a sequel; something we definitely want to see. Hopefully without having to spend too much time setting up the backstory, we will get a bit deeper with the rest of the team. Worth the watch though for sure.

We wrap up the episode by talking about Kylie Minogue. She dropped a new single, Say Something, and announced that she’s going to be putting an album out on… November 6th. The AUDACITY! Not only do we want this album for the summer, but she’s dropping it essentially on election day. Crazy. But we love the new song and we legit cannot wait for the next single and ultimately the new album.

Did you like The Old Guard? We think it’s about rightly rated at a 6.8 on IMDb, but we want to know how you’re feeling about it. Let us know over on Twitter! For now though join us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!