If you’re looking for a laugh, we’ve got a couple recommendations for you. Palm Springs came out of Sundance as the highest purchase EVER from the festival. It stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti who find themselves stuck in a time loop. Easy comparison’s to Groundhog Day aside, it’s oddly closer to Happy Death Day, leaning on science rather than morality and love for a way out. It’s funny, touching, smart, thought-provoking, and did I already say funny? Because it’s really REALLY funny.

Palms Springs is stuffed with a bunch of fun side characters all played by “OH THAT GUY!”. JK Simmons leads the way in support, but Peter Gallagher, Camila Mendes, Tyler Hoechlin, Chris Pang, June Squibb, Dale Dickey and more all follow suit. It quickly reveals itself as a wacky and zany comedy, but will sideswipe you with deep, emotional moments that all feel very well earned. It will undoubtedly be on the list of our top movies of the year.

Next we watched Netflix’s Desperados. This one does not carry the depth and character that Palms Springs does, but we still had fun with it. It follows a familiar trope; person going somewhere to try and delete an email to someone they didn’t mean to send. It’s not that unlike a movie we recently talked about, Eurotrip. But to knock it down just because it’s tropey would be like saying you don’t like chicken nuggets because you’ve had chicken tenders before. Arranging the same ingredients slightly differently can still taste good, even if you’re getting bored of them.

Desperados stars Nasim Pedrad and Lamorne Morris, a power couple you may remember from the later seasons of New Girl. Thankfully, the chemistry they cultivated there easily carried over to Desperados and we found ourselves completely invested in both of them. Anna Camp pops up again reminding us that we wish she had hit just a little harder. We loved her in True Blood and want big things for her. But if she’s comfortable doing parts like this and The Love Birds then hey, more power to her. Critics and viewers alike are slamming Desperados, but we think it’s worth your time as long as you know what you’re getting going into it.

That’s what we’ve been watching this week! Have you guys seen these movies? Let us know what you think over on Twitter and also let us know if there’s something that’s come out that we should really check out. For now though, settle in for this double feature on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!