This is going to be somewhat of a touchy subject. Both of us here at So…I’m Watching This Show are very white. And as such, we want to make sure we don’t come across as THOSE kind of white people. You know the ones; Performing their wokeness for the sake of gaining clout. We aren’t into that. But we are into frank and real conversations about where we understand ourselves to be in a world that is still very racist.

So on this episode we checked out Beyonce’s visual album, Black is King and had a deep look inward. We ask ourselves some questions we’ve never asked ourselves before. Like, have you ever examined the black experience independently of how it affects white people? Are we doing enough to help further the cause of equality? etc. We also talk about how much we just loved the experience of Black is King both as it’s own album (which we didn’t know already existed) and as it related to The Lion King.

We finished off the episode by talking about Muppets Now! As you may or may not know, we are Muppet stans. And we mean lifelong Muppet stans. You can look back through our episodes and find at least four other episodes dedicated to Jim Henson’s creations and rest assured there will be more. Muppets Now seems to be getting back to the roots of the Muppets, more variety show than narrative. But that doesn’t 100% work for Wil, who prefers his Muppets a bit more adult and melancholy. They are continually evolving and it seems now that Disney+ is their home, the target audience is once again “everyone”, but with the goal of appealing to children.

Due to Kristin’s love of the show, talking it out seemed to warm Wil to the idea of this new/old Muppet iteration. It will be episodic, airing weekly on Fridays so we’ll be checking in more as the season progresses.

What did you guys think of Black is King and Muppets Now? More importantly, did we sound like very ignorant white people when we were chatting about Beyonce? Let us know over on Twitter! We are more than open to every conversation that can help us learn and grow. For now though, press play and see if you agree with us on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!