When we finished Umbrella Academy season 1 we felt a bit of relief. Not the same kind of relief we felt when we finished Cursed, but relief nonetheless. Ten episodes at the pace it was moving and with just too many weird™ things to keep straight really put some drag on the season. Ultimately we liked it, and when it ended we were interested in where it was going. But we weren’t exactly chomping at the bit to start watching when season 2 was announced.

However we are happy to report that Umbrella Academy season 2 improves on season 1 so much! We got a lot more character development, good pacing, interesting side characters, and most importantly digestible stories. The main cast spends some time apart, developing their own relationships as they’re stuck in different parts of the early-60s Dallas timeline. This allowed us to see how the cast interacts with other people instead of just snipping at one another all season. It was really great.

Plus, this season just felt so much more sexy and so much more gay. Klaus says it best when he says, “Is it me, or did we all get sexier?” It’s not just you Klaus, it really did happen. Not that sexiness should hold a lot of bearing on a show, but it doesn’t hurt. Everything in this season felt like it was done with intention and that goes a long way for engagement.

And finally, the very longest episode is only 48 minutes including the credits and what a great mercy that was. So many shows feel the need to fill 58 minutes of runtime when they don’t have the time restrictions of network or cable. Not to harp on it again, but this was definitely one of Cursed‘s biggest issues. The shorter run time means that episodes need to be well-paced and not filled with fluff. Umbrella Academy really nailed that this time around.

What did you think of Umbrella Academy season 2? Let us know over on Twitter! We loved it and we really hope Netflix doesn’t just cancel it outright because that cliffhanger! Until we know for sure though, curl up with us for today’s WAP-filled episode of So…I’m WAPing This Show!