Constantine is often forgotten about. Keanu Reeves’ 2005 comic book adaptation came out in the middle of the first comic action boom of the early 2000s, got mostly panned by critics, and then got lost in the fray. But we’re here to remind you that this movie is actually pretty good! Like probably better than you remember.

Constantine follows exorcist and expert on paranormal activity John Constantine. The veil between our world and Hell itself seems to be thinning and John is the only one who can help. At his side is Rachel Weiss as Angela, who needs John’s help to unravel the mystery of her twin sister’s suicide. As you might expect, things escalate quite rapidly and the movie culminates with a meeting with the devil himself, played by the incomparable Peter Stormare.

As mentioned, Constantine came out in 2005 and as such, has a few questionable effects. But it’s not that bad, really. As a whole it’s incredibly stylish, passably acted, and most importantly, FUN. Despite Shia LaBeouf as comic relief being a bit under used, this movie is indeed fun. Mostly we just think it’s shot well and it’s very colorful. All of the characters feel well thought out. The downside being we really wanted a bit more time with all of them.

We’re not saying Constantine is perfect. Far from it. But it has a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes and we think that is insane. We didn’t walk away from this rewatch absolutely loving it, but we were happy to see that for us, it holds up and holds up well. So what do you think? Is Constantine worth reviving from the pile of failed comic book franchises? Let us know over on Twitter! For now though, grab some holy water and a towel and settle in with us for today’s demon-fueled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!