You know the drill by now. The pandemic has generated a bit of a content drought which has us looking backwards for content. But you know what? We’ve kinda liked it. It’s given us time to revisit things without the pressure of having to always be talking about the latest thing off the Hollywood assembly line. We were very happy Constantine held up, but weren’t so sure how things would go for today’s movie, Wild Things.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows this movie as “that movie with the threesome and Denise Richards’ boobs”. And to be fair that’s factual, but it deserves better than that. Sure, it’s a silly sort of whodunit with more twists than a Twizzlers package, but it’s so self aware. It’s so soapy, but it knows that and it leans into it. Our one big criticism is that it doesn’t lean in quite as far as we think it should. 10-15% more crazy and it would have been right there. But we really enjoyed it nonetheless. I mean, find me another ‘swamp noir’ movie and maybe we’ll reassess, but for now, Wild Things is it.

Everyone in it really knew what they were making. Compare that to Showgirls where only Gina Gershon understood the true meaning and worth of the movie. Wild Things does feel like a Paul Verhoeven movie though.

Maybe the idea of having a young girl lie about being raped wouldn’t fly by today’s standards, but it handles it really well and earns it handily as the story unfolds. It’s a really fun movie that keeps you guessing until legitimately the very end. And if you saw that coming, well good for you.

Have you seen Wild Things? If so, let us know over on Twitter! If not, we highly recommend that you go watch it before listening to our spoiler-rich episode. It will be more fun for you going in blind. Trust us. But if you’re ready, grab a shovel and head into the swamp for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!