Today is gonna be a weird one, y’all. Months ago, in the before times, we saw The Lighthouse. At the time we recorded what turned out to be a rather short episode and didn’t release it. We felt it was too short and we wanted something to pair with it. Well, something finally came along. I say finally like this movie didn’t come out five years ago. We just FINALLY got to it. Enter, The Lure!

The Lure is a cannibal mermaid musical about love and loss. It’s actually a pretty accurate retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid story, funny enough. But I don’t know if the club scene of 1980s Poland was the setting HCA originally saw for it. Two mermaid sisters find themselves taken in by the house band at a club, where they soon become the act everyone wants to see. We follow the sisters as one falls in love and the other tries to stop her, else she turn into sea foam if the man marries someone else. It’s real fucken weird and you see mermaid vagina getting fingered so prepare yourself for that.

Weird doesn’t mean bad though. The Lure is beautifully shot and as weird as the story is, it’s pretty easy to keep up with. The songs are kinda unpolished, but overall we were happy see saw it.

That same sentiment carries into The Lighthouse also. It’s super weird, but we’re glad we saw it. This one though is a bit less easy to follow. Or should I saw it’s a bit less easy to find the meaning in. While GORGEOUS to look at, it does seem extremely esoteric. One would need a guide and a full library to understand every reference, of which the movie is chock full. On the surface though it is an interesting movie about two men’s decent into madness. Not the worst concept for a horror movie. The execution however will be somewhat divisive. But to reiterate, we thinks it’s good and we’re glad we saw it.

Have you seen The Lure or The Lighthouse? Let us know over on Twitter! Tell us which one you think is weirder. As odd as they are, they both perfectly exemplify the idea that film is indeed ART. And art is subjective. So our conversation today is a little strange and spoilery but can movies like this really be spoiled? We’re not sure. Find out our feelings on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!