Yes, Mulan finally released onto Disney+! We weren’t sure it was ever going to happen, but it did and by golly it was kinda medium. Not worth the wait at all. That’s not to say there weren’t things we liked about it, but in general we thought it was just OK.

Mulan has had somewhat of a bumpy road outside of the pandemic too. The film’s star Yifei Liu made a few comments about Hong Kong that riled fans of democracy, prompting calls for a boycott. Disney didn’t take action, and also didn’t take any sort of stance. Obviously this film needs to play in China so saying anything that would get the movie banned in the region would be bad for their bottom line. Regardless of your stance on it all, the movie made it to streaming without so much as a scratch.

Our overall thoughts is that Mulan should have done MORE. More martial arts cinema a la Crouching Tiger, more gay stuff, more being in Chinese even a little bit. The movie was fine. It was pretty and well put together and boy did they stick some beautiful people in there. But it felt lacking across the board.

How did you feel about Mulan? Did you like the updates to the classic story, or did you miss the music of the original? Let us know over on Twitter! We dig pretty deep on our gripes, and it does sound like we just kinda crap on it for 45 minutes. Just know that despite our tone, we hope people do like Mulan. It just didn’t super work for us. Find out exactly why on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!