The day has finally come! The Boys season two is out and we couldn’t be happier! What’s that? …I’m getting word that Amazon is only releasing the first three episodes and then it’s going to be weekly after that. OK, relax. Don’t freak out… *screams into pillow* Alright so we’re not exactly happy about the release schedule, but we’ve thought about it and we’re going to enhance our calm and take it as it comes. It is proven after all that a slow release is better for retention. But come on! Only ONE per week going forward?!?! It’s fine, we’re fine. Just breathe.

We’ve decided that we’re going to chat about the initial three episodes in one public episode, and then we will release weekly chats episodically over on our Patreon for anyone who is subbed included the lowest tier Patrons. We want to be talking about the show weekly, but we can’t really dedicate more release slots to it. We’ll be doing the same thing with HBO Max’s Raised By Wolves (maybe…). So hopefully you will join us over on Patreon as we try to expand our rewards structure just a bit.

That all said, the first three eps of The Boys season 2 were just what we wanted. A great reintroduction to said Boys and the supes they love to hate. The episodes were packed to the gills (lololol) with humor, gore, action, drama, and everything in between. They manage to get so much into these episodes that not a minute ever feels wasted. We hope they keep that up all season.

How are you feeling about the start of The Boys S2? Will you be following along with us over on Patreon? Chat with us over on Twitter! Even if you don’t become a Patron to hear the weekly episodes, we’ll definitely be chatting about them as we watch and we want to hear from you guys! Pour one out for Lucy the sperm whale and settle in for today’s gory episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!