Raised By Wolves is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi take on religion vs atheism. With the exception of a few survivors Earth is destroyed, as well as the last human “Ark”. We follow two androids sent to a distant planet, tasked with bringing 12 human embryos to term in order to keep humanity alive. There’s actually a lot going on for as stripped down and slow paced as the show is. The backstory is incredibly rich, written by Aaron Guzikowski (writer of Prisoners), and developed by sci-fi legend Ridley Scott. He is heavily involved with the overall design of the series and directs the first two episodes.

Raised By Wolves won’t be for everyone. We thought it might not be fore us a few times in these opening episodes. I mean the show takes place mostly on a completely baron planet and moves along rather slowly. However, flashbacks to the Ark (what we thought would be the interesting part), as well as to the war on Earth really fill out the narrative. The way it’s delivering digestible story first then giving us context through flashbacks is working really well so far.

It’s somewhat hard to distill our feelings about Raised By Wolves, but we do try. This episode of the podcast will cover the first three eps of the show. The rest of our coverage will be episodically available over on our Patreon. We’ve decided to make them available for ALL Patrons including the lowest $1 tier. If you have the ability, please show your support by becoming a Patron. If you can’t, hang out with us over on Twitter to get our thoughts on the show. We’ll likely be tweeting while we watch. That said, grab a tasty carbo, pop in your laser eyes, and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!