We used this as a soul cleanse after hearing the news about RBG. Easy A has been on our rewatch radar for a while. Everyone loves Emma Stone, and she’s incredible in this little comedy, but it’s worth the watch just for Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. Their relationship with each other as well as Olive is really endearing and also so funny.

The movie deals with darker themes than we remember. It’s all fun and games for a while but then it REALLY isn’t. Olive is essentially letting boys say they slept with her as long as they give her some cash, or a gift card. As you can expect this of course all backfires in a way that leads to her almost being assaulted. Not only that, but Lisa Kudrow shows up as a guidance counselor who is sleeping with a student. This doesn’t sound to out there, but Kudrow, while unlikable in the movie really makes you feel for her in a pivotal scene. It is not the GRIM kind of dark like it’s not a downer of a movie. It just tackles some things.

Easy A didn’t exactly get the recognition we think it deserves. Sure it put Emma Stone in the lead and she’s been a leading lady ever since. But it doesn’t get the hype that something like Mean Girls gets. Mean Girls is great, don’t get us wrong, but Easy A should be in the conversation. That said, it’s kinda nice that we can hold this as one of “our” movies. All friend groups have them. Those little gems that work for them but not the community at large, so you get all kinds of inside jokes that are all yours. I mean everyone knows “YOU GO, GLENN COCO!” But you’re in a different league if you say “Melody BOStic”.

We wrap up this episode with a true reaction to Lady Gaga’s new video for 911. We’re more than hype about this because not only is it Gaga, but the video is directed by Tarsem. His movies rarely hit the zeitgeist, but they are some of the most beautiful movies you could ever hope to see and you should really go watch The Fall right now. Or if you need something a bit more spooky, check out The Cell, a classic.

He did not fail us. 911 is really gorgeous and while it sorta borrows the “this is all happening in our heads” trope, which he uses in The Fall, it’s still such a fun and colorful watch. He and Gaga are really a match made in heaven.

So of course we recommend you go watch Easy A and get on the Melody Bostic train with us. it’s funny and charming and even touching at times. And Gaga’s video will be easy enough to find on YouTube or below so watch it and let us know what you think over on Twitter! That said, grab your Lobster Shack giftcard, grab a booth and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!