We promise next week we’ll have a new movie to talk about (Enola Holmes) but for now the drought still commands us to revisit some classics. So today we’re investigating Sin City! We were all exactly the right age when this came out, just hitting our 20s. An ultra-stylized, hyper-violent movie full of hot people was the ticket. Of course we loved it! But does it hold up 15 years later in a completely different social climate.

We think so! There might be a tad more violence against women in here than is advisable in 2020. But Sin City is jam packed with strong female characters so we think it deserves a pass. Visually it’s still so unique and striking and really only worked this one time. Sin City 2 was a bit of a dud, and The Spirit did even worse (even though we like it). But the original stands strong on its own as a testament to the strength of the cast and quality of Robert Rodriguez’s vision.

How long has it been since you checked in with Sin City? Let us know over on Twitter! We love talking about these older movies that we hold dear and want to hear from you! That said get in your car, make sure it has a big trunk, and buckle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!