Warning! This episode opens with a somewhat lengthy discussion about the state of Netflix vis-a-vis the fact that they cancel everything that isn’t clearly and immediately making them money. If you aren’t interested in that, skip ahead about 15m. That said, onto Enola Holmes!

We are long time Millie Bobby Brown fans. Not just from Stranger Things, but Kristin and husband/editor Will actually watched Intruders. That show didn’t make it past season one, but it was enough for Millie to come screaming onto the scene. Then of course Stranger Things blew her up into the stratosphere. But we were there first! Anyway, now she’s taking on new roles on camera and off as Enola Holmes!

As you might have guessed, Enola Holmes exists in the Sherlock Holmes universe. Superman himself takes on the role of Sherlock, with Millie in the titular role as his sister. Strange things are afoot when their mother disappears leaving few clues for Enola to follow. It quickly strays onto a parallel path when a chance meeting with a runaway boy ropes her into something even bigger.

We’re not going to say that anyone is gonna win an Oscar for Enola Holmes, but it was incredibly fun. Millie is completely charming, breaking the fourth wall often and with great relish. Cavill and Sam Claflin (as stuffier Holmes brother, Mycroft) make great side characters and honestly we hope to see this universe expanded on so we can get more of everyone. We even really like the Viscount Tewkesbury Marquess of Basilwether played by Louis Partridge.

Overall this movie is kind of exactly what we needed right now. It’s middle of the road, but good, doesn’t look like it was an expensive waste, and was a lot of fun for everyone involved and that kind of thing really comes across on screen. Not to mention Millie was a producer! She had great things to say about the experience and about director Harry Bradbeer. She’s truly a trailblazer and we won’t be seeing her disappear any time soon.

So what did you think of Enola Holmes? How are you feeling about Netflix as a whole? Let us know over on Twitter! For now though, grab your notebook, check the chrysanthemums, and settle in for today’s mysterious episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!