You read that right! We’re starting video today and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been promising it for so long and now that we can finally bring this to you guys we’re so relieved. So to watch us talk simply go to our YouTube channel and follow along. Henceforth our normal two episodes per week releases on Tuesday and Friday will always be video pending extenuating circumstances. So if you’re ready to hang out with us, follow this link or scroll down to the shownotes to watch the video!

Now down to business. As it is October we have decided to do a WITCH themed month! And what better witch movie to start with for a couple millennials like us than The Craft! This movie came out when we were rolling into our teenage years and plays into that sort of identity crisis/puberty/rebellious age absolutely perfectly. This isn’t exactly a coming of age movie, but it’s got a bit of that vibe. It is certainly of its time, but it’s legitimately good at times and as Wil mentions it was sort of a rite of passage movie. You know, those movies that are very specific to a time period, that are maybe a little too mature for your age but just enough to kind of move you forward not only as a filmgoer but as a person. Is it the best movie ever made? No. But we still really like it and it holds up pretty well, save for the straight up SLUR Christine Taylor drops.

What’s your history with The Craft? Was it as much a part of your lives as it was ours growing up? Let us know over on Twitter, or down in the YouTube comments! Man, that’s going to take some getting used to. We hope you guys enjoy this first video episode! We worked really hard getting everything set up so our show could be more immersive and interactive. Hopefully you feel like it worked. So settle in, click Full Screen and join us for the first Witchtober episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!