In keeping with our Witch-tober theme, today we’re checking out The Witches of Eastwick! This has been a long time favorite for Kristin. And since Wil had never seen it, we felt this was the perfect time to revisit it!

In the Witches of Eastwick, three sort of unfulfilled women in New England have a girl’s night and “wish” for the “perfect” man to come to them. Instead, they accidentally summon the devil/a demon (Jack Nicholson) to their town. Through him, they discover they have powers of their own and they’re in kind of a polyamorous thing for a while. As you might expect, there’s backlash in the form of Veronica Cartwright (typical). She spends a lot of time talking about anal intercourse in church and just generally screaming the word “whores” all over the place.

Eventually she vomits a bunch of cherry pits and then Richard Jenkins kills her with a fire poker. Like ya do. At this point they realize the root of the problem is Jack Nicholson and they basically exorcise him from the town. Fin. Sorry for spoilers, but it’s a 33 year old movie.

It was not a resounding YES from Wil, but he did like it. It’s a very strange movie in tone and these days that sticks out a bit. What we do love about it though is how much fun Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer are having. It’s a fun, weird little movie that we definitely recommend.

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