This might be our witchiest podcast yet! Not just one witch like The VVitch, or three witches like Hocus Pocus or Witches of Eastwick. Nope, The Witches has whole covens of witches, as the name implies. Both versions follow the same Roald Dahl novel, but are both any good? Let’s find out!

Our history with the original Witches varies. Kristin saw it at a young age, maybe too young, and to this day still has some negative feelings about it. Wil on the other hand had never seen it and was going in fresh. Both of us didn’t love it. It’s kinda gross and easy to punch holes in. Plus the mouse effects were way in the deep uncanny valley. It just didn’t really vibe with us.

The new one though seemed to work a bit better. Wil kinda loved it right away, and Kristin initially wasn’t feeling it, but the more we talked the fonder she grew of it. We still have some complaints. not least of which is Anne Hathaway’s accent. But we found the art direction and glamorous fashion went a long way in carrying this one through.

So what did you think? Are you a Witches newbie or are you revisiting an old favorite? Let us know over on Twitter or down in the Youtube comments. You guys are doing so great supporting us over on YT! The likes, comments, and subscriptions go a long way to making us look more relevant to the Youtube algorithm so keep it up! For now though, please to enjoy our thoughts on both The Witches on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!