Today is just about the end of October, and our last October episode. So our Halloween send off is 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat, at the request of our good friend Stefan! We know. It’s not a witch movie, and we deviated from that mandate about half the time. However, we’ve got one more witch movie coming, it’s just gonna be in November.

Trick ‘r Treat definitely flew under our radar when it released back in ’07. You’d think that with appearances from Anna Paquin and Leslie Bibb we’d be all over it. But we missed it. And after watching it we even think it was a little ahead of it’s time. It is an anthology movie, telling five stories all loosely related. This was before American Horror Story put the anthology into the mainstream and as such Trick ‘r Treat didn’t get the attention we now think it deserves. Thankfully, there’s a sequel in the early stages of development which when released will likely get folks looking backwards at the original.

Writer/Director Michael Dougherty totally knocked this movie out of the park. And we should have expected it. His more recent film, the delightful horror comedy Krampus, totally impressed us for all the same reasons Trick ‘r Treat did. They both told great stories with actors we love. But more importantly, it did so much practically. Most of the effects in Trick ‘r Treat are done in camera, meaning no CG or only a little to enhance what’s already there. Doing things this way guarantees a really authentic classic horror feel. Not that CG is a film-ruiner or can’t look good, but there’s charm in practical effects even if they don’t wind up looking good. It made Trick ‘r Treat work where it might not have otherwise.

So we loved Trick ‘r Treat. Thanks, Stefan! Have you seen it? If so, let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! If not, well we think you should go check it out. But if you’re ready, put a sack on your head and settle in for today’s anthology episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!