As mentioned, this witchy episode kinda leaked over into November. But who’s to say that only October can be witchy? Autumn as a season feels very magical so I say this is still on theme. Practical Magic is a long time fave for Kristin and a first time viewing for Wil. We know from experience that Kristin doesn’t have the best track record when suggesting things that Wil might like, so stay tuned for his response!

Practical Magic is about Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman), two sisters who come from a long line of witches. The bummer is that the family is cursed so if they ever fall in true love with a man he’ll be killed. When Gillian gets into trouble with her abusive boyfriend Jimmy (Goran Visnjic) the sisters have to use all their witchy powers to avoid the suspicion of a Sheriff (Aidan Quinn) investigating Jimmy’s whereabouts.

Turns out, this movie is actually still great! Kristin definitely had nostalgia goggles on, but even going in totally fresh Wil thought it was such a good time. I mean who doesn’t love Sandra and Nicole?! It’s a fun little romp and it holds up in 2020. We even discuss some of the early BAD reviews for it which are BAFFLING.

So have you seen Practical Magic? If so, do you hold it in as high regard as Kristin? Let us know over on Twitter or down in the Youtube comments! We’ve been really amazed by how much interaction we’ve been getting on Youtube and it helps us a LOT so keep it up! That said, light some candles, grab some wine and settle in for today’s final witchy episode of So…I’m WITCHing This Show!