It’s the fall, it’s post-election sort of, and we’re feeling melancholic. So what better to compliment that mood than a hyper-moody Bronte adaptation, Jane Eyre. This version stars Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender’s ass the won’t quit in some breeches. We know our girl Mia is down for some romantic period pieces, a la Crimson Peak, and we’re more than happy to get some Fassbender in our lives.

This version of Jane Eyre, released in 2011, was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Don’t recognize the name yet? Well he was the driving force behind True Detective on HBO, Maniac on Netflix, and directed the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die. He’s not quite a household name, but you’ve probably seen his work and you’ll definitely hear more from him in the near future. His visual style and slow approach to storytelling works perfectly for this dark, ghost-adjacent story.

This is the first watch of Jane Eyre for Wil. And Kristin adds yet another notch to her belt of movies she’s suggested that Wil actually likes! This is always exciting and you will see her joy in today’s episode. It’s a fun albeit short episode in which we gush about loving this crazy story and how well it was executed. Oh, and definitely Fassbender’s butt, because DAMN.

Have you seen Jane Eyre? If you’ve seen other versions let us know which is better over on Twitter! Or if you’re so inclined drop us a message in the YouTube comments! We’ve been loving the discourse and it helps us with the Youtube algorithm so it’s win-win. For now though, fill your mood mug with melancholy and have a giggle with us on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!