Fairy tales are something we hold near and dear to us. We wrote a book called Fairytale, our very first episode was about fairy tales at large and our connection to them, and we’ve discussed them in varying iterations over the three years we’ve been doing this podcast. Another thing we’ve talked about is the Disney-fication of fairy tales. People seem to think Disney created these IPs and they decidedly did not.

One such Disneyfied fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast, the 1991 animated version of which is generally well liked. It has some good songs, it’s animated really well, and that ballroom scene was many people’s first experience with Pixar whether they knew it or not. But that’s not the focus of this episode. Today we’re largely talking about the 2017 live action remake Disney churned out. The whole concept of the live action remakes is a whole other can of worms. One which we’ve opened several times before. Sadly though, 2017’s Beauty and the Beast falls into the less good category. Not the bad category, just less good.

The tl;dr is that the whole movie is just flat and poorly directed. A lot of the plot doesn’t seem to pay off, the costuming is mediocre at best, and bless her Emma Watson just did not get the support she needed. But most importantly, that dress. Initially the dress was a big trigger. They released a still image of a bland YELLOW dress and we were not on board. It turns out, it is indeed a bland yellow dress, but in motion it is, well, fine I suppose. But it’s not THE dress. It doesn’t even compare to the dress from that animated classic. And we’re sorta bitter about it, as you’ll see.

How do you feel about the Beauty and the Beast live action remake? We know it and other live action remakes are a bit of a hot topic. Some people are in, others, like us, are sorta out. Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! Comments, even ones of differing opinions to ours, help get us into that Youtube algorithm so it helps us if you just talk to us. That said though, settle in for a very dressy episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!