Today we continue our now three year old tradition of watching a Muppet film for Thanksgiving! Chronologically we’re now ready for Muppets Take Manhattan, an inherently flawed title, as we’ll discuss. Wil had been looking forward to revisiting this one specifically. He’d felt that way about all of them, but this one in particular. And for good reason.

Muppets Take Manhattan is a weird one. But don’t take to mean we don’t enjoy it. It’s just weird. For some reason the Muppets themselves are in college. And even odder is the human significant others, not once played for comedy. It’s funny when Charles Grodin the actor playing himself is infatuated with Ms Piggy, it’s a whole other ball game when Kermit is just dating a human woman. It’s silly and as kids it definitely didn’t register, but as adults it is weird. On top of that there’s a lot of weirdly dark stuff. Again, it’s stuff that kids won’t notice or process. For them it’s just a fun Muppet romp. But for us now it was strange. And do they even really TAKE Manhattan? Or do they just kinda live there for a stretch?

Like I said, we didn’t dislike Muppets Take Manhattan. It’s full of the typical Muppet silliness and their trademark hints of melancholy. But it’s certainly the odd one out so far. Check back next year for more!

Are you a Muppets fan? Do you like Muppets take Manhattan? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! Muppets are one of our favorite things and talking about them makes us happy. For now though, settle in for today’s weird episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!