Netflix has been force feeding subscribers a steady stream of mediocre movies this year. And we’ve been accepting it, with little other choice. They continue to get on our bad graces with The Prom. It’s a stage to screen retelling of a really shitty event in which an entire town staged a new prom so that a lesbian couple wouldn’t go. Yeah, it’s BAD. It’s really a trash news story that was turned into something at least a little positive on stage. It’s too bad moving to the small screen didn’t work at all.

We were actually having a decent time with The Prom for the first hour roughly. Then we paused it to grab snacks and saw that we weren’t even halfway through. After we recovered from the shock, we did watch the rest of this overly long movie that started decently strong and then turned into a total mess.

Funny enough though, it wasn’t the Ryan Murphy of it all that we had a problem with. We actually found his direction to be one of the stronger parts of the movie. The production design was particularly great, as was the use of color. And the BIG thing is that even though it is a musical, there was a lot of movement. Movement on the set, big choreography, a lot of camera movement, etc. We don’t want to point fingers at anyone named Rob Marshall, but it was a nice change of pace.

Anyway, we were less than enthused by The Prom and were even offended by some of it. What did you think? It’s not exactly getting panned by critics, but we all know how we feel about critics… Lets us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! All your engagement is really good for us so keep it coming! For now though, join us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!