This is now our third holiday season making this podcast so you should be pretty familiar with this episode by now. Today we’re talking about a few new Christmas movies we’ve checked out on streaming recently! Hopefully this helps you pick what to watch while you’re alone, or hopefully being safe with family over the upcoming break.

We open with Godmothered on Disney+, which Wil didn’t watch. Kristin however gives it a big recommend for it’s fun story and cute execution. Plus we love Jillian Bell and you should too. Next we watched The Christmas Chronicles 2, Netlix’s weak followup to the 2018 original. I mean Santa hucks a snow leopard into the stratosphere and Dasher almost dies. It’s very tonally incongruous. After that was Jingle Jangle also on Netflix. This one we loved simply because of how much production value there was. It’s so pretty to look at, from the costumes to the sets. And it’s a gods damned musical and we love it for that. And lastly the pièce de résistance, Holidate. Apparently all it takes to totally hook us with a very by-the-numbers holiday movie is to make it smutty. Holidate was so fun and so funny and so charming. We loved the characters, especially this dude Luke Bracey who had zero business being as handsome and charming as he was. We really loved this one from front to back so it’s the biggest recommend of the bunch from us.

So what did you guys think of 2020’s slate of Xmas movies? Are you easily sold by the Christmas spirit or is it kind of lost on you these days? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube Comments! We want to hear if there’s anything we missed so let us know! For now though, grab some hot cocoa, start a fire somewhere appropriate, and settle in for today’s yuletide episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!