We have been very clear about our feelings towards Netflix. We know that they like to cancel shows before they’ve had their full run, or before they can get on their feet. Nobody benefits from that except them, and we really don’t like that. And now we’re doubly mad because the fourth and final season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been arguably its best yet.

Sabrina had a strong start, but kind of meandered in season 3. As such, Netflix brought the hammer down, but gave them an uncharacteristic shot at a final season. We’re happy they did, but to what end? At the very least the show gets to go out on a high note. But ending the season with a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer setup put hooks in us that will drag us nowhere. But I digress.

We really did like season 4 of Sabrina. It seemed to have a lot more focus than season 3, and took more risks at the same time. It was weird and wonderful and gets stronger and stronger as the season progresses. We’ve always enjoyed what they’ve managed to do with their relatively small budget and here it seems they maximize that potential even further. It really was engaging from start to finish. Though episode one starts the season off sort of weak.

Today’s podcast is presented episode by episode so if you want to watch along with us there’s clear breaks between our chats about each episode. Also, all of these bits were released individually over on YouTube!

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Playlist containing all our Sabrina Season 4 episodes!