That’s right, folks! It’s that time again! Today we’re talking through our favorite movies and TV from 2020. We reiterate again, as we always do, that we aren’t critics. We merely have our favorites and if you don’t agree with us that’s fine. Not everyone is going to be talking about The Circle, but we are because we loved it.

We decided to separate our chat about music because it warranted it’s own episode. We’re putting that out next Friday. So this weekend you can watch all the movies and TV we recommend. Next weekend you can listen to all the music. The system works!

As ever, we want to hear what your faves of the year were! Let us know over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! This is one of our favorite topics to discuss and you guys often tell us things that went under our radar so HIT US UP! For now though, grab some champagne, say your final goodbyes to 2020 (until awards season), and settle in for today’s poster-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!