Today we’re talking about the 1980 comedy classic Airplane! This movie put the “spoof” genre on the map. It’s a hilarious romp with one of the highest JPM (jokes per minute) counts ever. Front to back it’s joke after joke after joke after bit after bit after bit. It’s so dense with humor you’ll barely find time to breathe, and for the most part that comedy holds up.

As usual with these classics, only one of us had seen it. This was Kristin’s first viewing and the fact that she thought it was “fine” is pretty high praise. Schlocky, bit-centric visual humor isn’t exactly her brand of comedy. But it worked for her and got her reciting several of her favorites in the episode. For Wil on the other hand, Airplane is an old favorite. And thankfully, unlike some others we’ve revisited over the years, it holds up! Sure there are some jokes that were a bit too timely to totally work now, 40 years later. But the vast majority still will knock you over by how funny they are.

How do you guys feel about Airplane!? Is it an old classic, or are you not really tickled by it? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We want to know your thoughts and your favorite bits! For now though grab a coffee, do NOT order the fish (bone in) and settle in for today’s jiggly episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!