It’s not overstating it to say that Promising Young Woman was our most anticipated movie of the year. The trailer dropped right before COVID hit and it blew us away. But of course this year blindsided all of us so it was delayed a few times. Thankfully, it’s finally made its way to VOD and boy howdy, we loved it so much.

We were starting to get worried about it actually. Movies that get hyped up as much as Promising Young Woman has been for us often disappoint. I mean just look at Tenet. They held off on releasing that for so long and after a sad release in theaters it came to VOD and got somewhat mixed reviews. If Christopher Nolan’s movie could disappoint, surely an indie flick from a first time director could as well. Fortunately that was not the case. Despite our extreme and drawn out hype, this movie completely knocked it out of the park. The directing, the acting, the production design. the message, EVERYTHING! It was all executed to absolute perfection in a way even we weren’t expecting. It certainly would have been on our Best of 2020 list if we had been able to see it beforehand. But now, it’s definitely on Kristin’s best of ALL TIME list!

So what did you think of Promising Young Woman? Did it live up to the hype? We certainly think it did. Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We have a few criticisms, nothing major, but we want to hear what you think as well! Before you listen to us though, PLEASE watch the movie. This episode is spoiler free for very little time and you will enjoy everything about it if it is unspoiled. That said, if you’re ready, please to enjoy today’s extremely effusive episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!