So today we’re talking about Dick! Oh get your minds out of the gutter. We’re talking about the 1999 historical fiction CLASSIC Dick. You should know by now that we stan Kirsten Dunst, and Michelle Williams is a queen. So put them both together in a film about the Watergate scandal in which they play two teenage girls who unwittingly become the infamous whistleblower Deepthroat and you’ve got a winning combination.

We were just a little worried going into this one. Of course we’d seen Dick before and loved it, but it’s been a while. Not everything that came out in 1999 holds up in 2021. Fortunately this did! It’s still super funny owing to the packed cast and patently ridiculous premise. Kirsten and Michelle are pitch perfect, Dan Hedaya as the titular Dick could not have been better, and the surrounding cast is full of comedians and Kids In The Hall alum. So it’s funny front to back. Plus, Wil even has a little connection to the story as his father spent most of his career at the Washington Post. Pretty cool!

So have you seen Dick? If you answered no then do yourself a favor and go watch it. It’s not a spoiler-heavy movie so you could watch our episode first, but you should really go ride through all the laughs yourself. If you have seen it, let us know what you thought over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! We’ve been loving our conversations with you in the comments so keep them coming! For now though grab a special cookie, put on your best trenchcoat and settle in for today chuckle-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!