Malcolm and Marie had a lot on its shoulders. It’s not the first movie that has been made in quarantine. But it seems to be the first movie made in quarantine that wasn’t also ABOUT quarantine. Movies like Songbird and Locked Down seem to want to capitalize on the fact that we’re all stuck inside. Malcolm and Marie on the other hand simply wants to be a movie that puts people to work.

As far the movie itself goes, we thought Malcolm and Marie was fine. John David Washington is proving himself to be a fine actor, and Zendaya continues to be brilliant in everything she touches. But for us the movie didn’t 100% work. Wil admits that part of it was simply his own perspective on relationships not aligning with the conceit of the story. But even then we thought it was a big rollercoaster of emotion that felt about 30m too long.

Outside of that though, we really want to applaud them. Writer/Director Sam Levinson wanted to get something going with Zendaya so they could get their Euphoria crew, at least the principals, back to work. After setting up rigorous safety protocols and putting themselves in a bubble for a month or so, they seem to have gotten it done without any major hiccups. This drive to simply get things moving again to make sure the people they’re responsible for as producers can get paid is totally commendable and we’re so glad someone took the steps to make it happen without trying to make money off this weird time we’re living through.

So what did you think of Malcolm and Marie? We’re actually really interested to see other people’s perspectives on this one because it seems like it’s a bit polarizing. Hit us up over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! As you should know by now, our YouTube is becoming a bit more of a focus for us so we’d love some extra engagement over there. For now though grab some mac and cheese, make sure it’s dead, and settle in for today’s antagonistic episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!