Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Today we’re looking back to the year 2000 with the aptly titled Dracula 2000. This was one of Wil’s favorites back in the day. I mean how could it not be? A modern fantasy retelling of Dracula starring one of the hottest pop stars of the era? Get outta here! And the most nostalgic building ever, the Virgin Megastore, plays a major role? This movie was a must-fave right out the gate.

Rewatching it now, Dracula 2000 is even better. It’s been 20 years removed from the “Matrix rip off” comparisons and it stands firmly on it’s own. Sure it takes place in the year 2000 and will never let you forget it, but it’s great and we still love looking back fondly on this era.

As far as the movie itself goes, it’s not good but it’s great if you know what I mean. Dracula 2000 is easy to write off as kinda campy garbage with some real clunkers in the script. But honestly so much of Dracula 2000 holds up today including the surprisingly modest special effects. Obviously if you really go for it you can find a lot of problems. But many movies from this era fell victim to the bad CG of the time and this one mercifully doesn’t.

So what do you think of Dracula 2000? We love it and we think more people would too if they just gave it the proper shot it deserves. It should be compared favorably to something like Underworld instead of just being forgotten about as trash. Let us know what you think over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We just passed 500 subs on Youtube and we’re aiming for 1000 so help us out over there if you haven’t already. For now though, grab a few CDs off the rack, NEVER EVER FUCK WITH AN ANTQIUES DEALER, and settle in for today’s stake-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!