Today we’re continuing our rewatch of the DCEU movies. Because we’re masochists. When watching Man of Steel, our mission to be well informed for the Snyder Cut felt like the right move. But after watching Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, maybe this wasn’t such a noble quest after all.

Our goal with this was never to rub it in the face of DC fans that the MCU is better. But it is and there’s no way for us not to make comparisons. Civil War is obviously a big touchpoint. Batman v Superman is really a big mess throughout though. Scenes sometimes don’t make sense, and the writing is downright terrible most of the time, But the biggest problem is that the WHOLE movie is predicated on two ideas we can’t get behind. Batman thinks Superman has too much power and should be regulated, and Superman thinks vigilante justice is dumb, I guess. None of it makes sense and meanwhile, Lex Luthor is playing these two generally smart men for fools. It is big dumb and full of moments that don’t help to make it less dumb.

The ONE saving grace is the introduction of Wonder Woman. In the Ultimate Edition it is totally bungled because they play her amazing and impactful theme when Bruce is looking at a photograph. I mean, this is the editing you get from a Snyder cut… But her chemistry with Bruce throughout is great because Gal Gadot could have chemistry with a sea turtle. And when she shows up to help in the final battle it is spectacular. Gal is so compelling and her theme is so engaging that you can’t help but be enthralled. But then it cuts to Lois Lane throwing a spear in a puddle and the momentum tanks. It’s tough.

So anyway, what did you think of Batman v Superman? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! Again, we like Zack Snyder and we want DC to succeed. But their decision making thus far has been bad. Of course Wonder Woman is coming soon and we liked Aquaman enough, but before either of those is Suicide Squad… See you on Tuesday for that shitshow. For now though, grab some Kryptonite, save Martha, and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!