Honestly we were kinda hoping that Suicide Squad would be better with a couple years on it. Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Maybe we weren’t in the right mindset the first and only time we saw it. NOPE! Suicide Squad is somehow worse now than it was before.

Previously were sort of giving the movie credit for being decent for about 45m before falling apart. But this time around we were much more aware of how much nonsense there is in this film from the word go. It’s just a bunch of exposition around a very stupid idea. Really, the only way you can think of to fight potential threats is by putting together a team of murderers a literal crocodile man? Jesus what a dumb setup. And it was sold to us badly. This wouldn’t have been the first action movie with kind of a dumb setup. But it really is presented poorly and it’s downhill from the opening credits until the end.

How do you feel about Suicide Squad? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We swear, it is not our intention to just shit on these DC movies all month. But they don’t do themselves any favors. Mercifully, Wonder Woman is next and it’s great. Not just great for a DC movie either. For now though, umm just prepare yourself for us to kind of unload on this one on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!