Everything has been leading up to this. All our prep this month has been getting us ready for the cinematic event of the century; the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut. So now, after years and YEARS of a very loud section of the internet screaming about it, does the Snyder Cut live up to the hype? We guess…

As we expected, it’s a completely different animal than what released in 2017. Whedon was brought on to finish it after Snyder had to leave because of family issues. And since Whedon is the exact opposite kind of filmmaker than Snyder, the two styles clashed and the movie isn’t great. Snyder’s now-released 4-hour long cut of Justice League works better. It’s still a mess, but in the first frame we get more explanation about the Mother Boxes than we get in the entire run time of Whedon’s. And that’s a bit of a theme throughout. We get a lot more explanation and development on every front. From characters to story to villains, everything. It’s all explained better.

But even though it’s explained better, the story is largely the same. And I suppose it’s up to you whether it’s good or bad, but we thought it was fine. The Snyder Cut is kind of a weird experiment that we’re a bit split on. Is it the right call to bend to the whim of thousands of internet fanboys begging for this mythical thing? Or is it the right call to give an artist the time and resources to finish off their work? We go a little deeper on this in the episode.

What did you think of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the surrounding hullabaloo? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! Ultimately we’re glad this thing exists and we are happy Zack got to complete his vision (with four extra years to think about it and a bunch of extra money to fix the things he didn’t like). But it’s a weird situation that we don’t totally want to see more of. For now though, call Martha, grab a hotdog, and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!