The reason we’re revisiting these is pretty obvious. The latest attempt at turning the classic Mortal Kombat video game franchise into a a multimedia success is releasing TODAY. So what better reason for us to go back and see what came before this. Of course, in 1995 there was only one game worth of lore to pull from. Now, after nearly 30 years (the original hit arcades in 1992) of game releases, we’re hoping HBOMax can make something a little deeper and richer happen.

This was both Kristin and Wil’s first time really seeing the original 1995 version. Wil thought he has seen it, but was wrong. And the general consensus is…meh. Without any nostalgia backing it up, neither of us really took to it. The real nostalgia test was with Annihilation, which was Wil’s first foray into the world of MK. And he used to love it. He still loves the things he used to love about it, namely Musetta Vander. But as an adult the rest of the movie surrounding them came into much clearer focus.

The movies are vastly different, and neither are particularly good in 2021. But Annihilation is fun if you watch it like a B-movie. Mortal Kombat takes itself fairly seriously, with the exception of a few Johnny Cage one liners, and it didn’t really jive with either of us.

So what do you think of the original Mortal Kombat movies? Let us know if you’ve even seen them over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! For now though, GET OVER HERE and settle in for today’s MORTAL KOMBAT!-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!