We’re back, baby! May was a really nice break for us. We didn’t exactly execute on the work we thought we would in that time. However, being able to just have some mental health time really benefit us. And now we’ve returned! And even better, we’re fully vaxxed and we went to the movie theater! It’s just too bad Cruella really didn’t work for us.

Wil in particular has been kind of an apologist for Cruella. Not only that, but an apologist for the Disney live-action reimaginings. Sure they’re not all great, but there’s a few that work, and one or two that do more than just work. On announcement of Cruella, everyone sort of balked, then on trailer release it got even worse. But still, Wil held out, trying to be positive. Sadly, from the start he (and the rest of the group) found himself asking WHY more often than not. Why did they make this? Why do we need a backstory for every villain now? Why has Disney done this?

Now, we of course recognize that there’s a whole generation of kids who will probably hold this movie up as gospel. Kids with no attachment to the original movies OR the original live-action remakes. Kids who maybe are struggling with their own identity, not unlike Cruella. But for us, it was a constant assault of needle drops punctuated by two bad people trying to out-bad each other. And not to mention, this movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. We ask again…WHY?!

So the four of us walked out of the theater unsurprised but sad that Cruella was off the mark. We love both Emma’s, Paul Walter Hauser, and a lot of others in the cast. We just didn’t jive with this movie at all. What did you think? We seem to be a little in the minority as it’s doing fairly well. Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! These are the sort of things we like to talk to you all about. Getting different perspectives helps us process our own. So let us know! For now though, settle in for today’s puppy-stealing episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!