In the Heights was one of the first major casualties of the pandemic. With its bright colors, sunny vibes, and of course upbeat music, it looked like it was going to be the PERFECT summer watch. More importantly, it was a movie begging for the big screen. So we were pretty bummed when it got pushed. Sure we lost all the Marvel movies, Bond, Dune, and many more to the pandemic. But In the Heights was one we weren’t expecting to be so excited for.

So now that it’s 2021 and it’s out on theaters, we’re so hyped they waited. In the Heights could have been dropped on HBOMax last summer, but it would not have been the same. It was big and lush and fun, really everything we were asking for from it. Except for the one big thing we thought it was missing; fantasy. Yes there are a few numbers with fantasy elements, and a few flourishes here and there, but it didn’t quite go as hard as we’d hoped.

That however is really our only criticism of In the Heights. Well, maybe it’s a hair too long and the female leads get a bit too much sad stuff. But that’s negligible. Overall we thought it was a triumph and we’re so glad to have finally seen it.

So what did you think of In the Heights? Did it disappoint after such a long wait? Or did it hit all the right notes? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! Tell us which routine was your favorite! For now though, grab a piragua, head to the pool and settle in for today’s Lin-Manuel fueled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!