Full disclosure, husband/editor Will is the one who writes these blurbs. And he (I) have been trying to get these nerds to watch this movie for two years now. So finally, I’m happy to say, it has finally happened. The SIWTS talent has watched Midsommar, and it went even better than I expected.

I was pretty sure they would at least appreciate it. However, years back I made them watch the Suspiria remake and it didn’t go well. Sure it’s odd but it was witches doing witch shit so I figured it’d be a win. Not so. Midsommar has similarly slow pacing, cults, and a drip feed of info leading to a big crescendo. So even with Florence Pugh, who we all love, William Jackson Harper, big love again, and bright colors, I still wasn’t sure it’d fly. But it did. Wil even has gone so far as to order the director’s cut special edition from A24. You’ll hear exactly what they loved about it in the episode.

What do you think of Midsommar? Is it a modern day horror classic, or is it a bit too much for you? Or is it a LOT too much for you like our friend Rachel? Either way, let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! For now though, take some mushrooms, have sip of that suspiciously tinted beverage, and settle in for today’s bear-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!