Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy really came out of nowhere. Husband/Editor Will mentioned it in passing and upon further investigation, it entered our radar. And finally, after watching 1994, we were completely invested. It was the perfect homage to Scream to hook us. If 1978 had released first, or 1666, we probably wouldn’t have gotten as into it. But for our generation, Scream is such a touchstone and director Leigh Janiak perfectly hit those notes.

Fear Street 1978 followed up 1994 a week later and further sucked us into the story of Sarah Fier. It’s an homage to the horror movies of that era, the most obvious of which being Friday the 13th. It totally nailed the tone, and the fact that it didn’t shy away from its very high body count of literal children worked in its favor. It was A LOT, but they committed and we respect that big time. Then it concluded with 1666 (which includes 1994 Part 2) and it wrapped everything up so nicely.

It’s hard to put into text our thoughts on each of these. Thankfully, this text barely matters and you can listen to all our thoughts here on the podcast, or on our YouTube channel. We sat down after each segment to collect our thoughts. What did you think of the Fear Street trilogy? We loved it and hope this spawns so many more movies. Are they scary? Not particularly, but they are super fun. Let us know what you thought over on Twitter, or in the Youtube comments! For now though, grab a Super Soaker, slice some bread, and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!