Today is a very special day! This marks the first time our good friend Rachel has guest HOSTED the show! Sure she’s appeared with us a few times before, but this is different. This is her introduction as an alternate host! For things that maybe Wil isn’t interested in, or if scheduling doesn’t work, we’re going to move Rachel into a host spot to cover (since she lives with Kristin and Husband/Editor Will)! It’s very exciting and in this first episode will be covering Sense and Sensibility (1995)!

Well, we sort of cover Sense and Sensibility. At large this is a conversation about Jane Austen and our relationship with her works. Mostly the movies though. Who is your favorite hero? Who’s your favorite scoundrel? Which is your favorite outfit? Etc. We sort of just let the conversation take us where it took us. Sense and Sensibility is certainly the root cause though. And of course, we completely love it.

What do you think about Sense and Sensibility? Is it an all-time Austen classic adaptation, or do you find the more modern takes to be better? Let us know over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! Also drop in either place to welcome Rachel to the show! For now though, get your hair super tightly curled, brush the hand of your biggest crush, and settle in for today’s Regency AF episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!